Aim & Objectives

PAD has organized a huge number of programmes on each and every occasion in Pakistan. Celebrations of National Days, Qawwali, Ghazal, Folk, Sufi Music are prominent features of PAD. Besides that PAD also organized stage plays, a great number of stage drama festivals are also on credit of Repertory Theater Section working under PAD. Repertory Theater Section organized a number of Drama Workshops for the upcoming and new talent all over Pakistan. PAD organized music and dance classes for the new talent and a number of artists have been promoted by PNCA from the same workshops organized by PAD.

PAD is also responsible for collection of data of all the artists of Pakistan in the field of music, drama, singing, dance etc- for the grant of Financial Assistance to the most deserving artists every year, besides that PAD is also responsible for making cases for grant of Civil Awards to the artists. PAD has also the honor to organize instrumental performances at Prime Minister’s House and President’s Secretariat.

The performing arts activities of PNCA are creating interest of cultural clientage rather persuading young generation towards soft cultural environment simultaneous to their educational studies thus enhancing their vision towards their homeland culture.

PNCA is using art and culture activities as an effective tool for combating religious extremism and fanaticism based upon the programmes on sufi poetry to disseminate the message of peace, love, tolerance and brotherhood and also to dilute the impact of terrorism to which the country is facing with anguish.